Nonsensical briefing

November 26, 2008

So I’m going to be off for a couple of days as I visit a friend for American Thanksgiving. I feel like I should head over to an animal sanctuary to feed a couple of turkeys. But I felt the need to at least post a little something before I head out onto the road in this terrible Los Angeles traffic. So here are some brief comments I have on the games I’ve played the past month.

Far Cry 2 on an unsupported graphics card makes all the textures look like solid colors used with led pencil. The frame rate is horrific and the action is god awful to play through. I’m loving it.

Fallout 3 I have made it through have way and the only quest I’ve truly loved is the Bladerunner nod to the Replicated Man. I’m about half way through and though I am enjoying it I’ve come to the point where I am just mindlessly going through routine. It’s a good game but it’s definitely not Fallout.

Mega Man 9 is wonderful though I still can’t beat Wiley’s Castle. It took me three months to finally beat Croncrete Man’s stage–that was embarrassing. My advice, start playing the game during the A.M. hours and you’ll surprisingly do much better than playing at reasonable hours of the day. Now…where’s my Game Genie?

Dead Space was beaten in a day and I felt ultimately unsatisfied at the end. It is the equivalent of of Hollywood Oscar fodder. It’s good, but everything about that game is too easy from its design to the style. The game definitely has the auro of a researched, marketed product which is a shame because the developers seemed very passionate about creating something new and original.

Mirror’s Edge is great but still full of flaws. I read an article from Keith Stuart about how reviewers don’t appreciate innovation. That is statement is absurd. If you don’t intend for to make an FPS, don’t place those elements in the game. If you want to create something new and original, don’t pander to some imaginative demographic that you probably won’t get just for a few more sales numbers. I’m hoping they refine everything about Mirror’s Edge in their next outing. Oh yes, less Quick-Time-Events please.

Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix is the first game that I successfully got my roommate to play. Thank goodness for this neo-retro movement as maybe I can finally get some two player action going in this non-gaming house I am in.

Left4Dead is amazing fun.

Occasionally playing Civilization 4, Peggle, World of Goo, Company of Heroes, Audiosurf, Burnout Paradise, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Hotel Dusk, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Space Invaders Extreme, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and numerous flash games in between.

I’ll be back in three days to panic about the three terms papers I have yet to complete for the semester. So have a happy turkey day, watch some football, and play some games. GSG Out.


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