GSG 2009 – Changes

December 25, 2008

Greetings loyal readers. As the winter solstice approaches and the new year is just around the corner, I find it necessary to make some changes. GSG has been an extremely helpful blog in not only assisting my interest in videogames but also bringing the existing community of fellow game enthusiasts to my attention.

I started out GSG to provide an outlet for my thoughts about gaming and game design. In the five months of this site’s conception it has given me a great excuse to explore scholarly interests in a variety of games. But I believe I have yet to reach the potential of my investigations. So, why not improve this little blog with my participation from my readers?

As 2009 begins I want to experiment with a new blog format. Instead of having me stretch the month with blog posts about various games, I propose to choose one game every month and attempt to take its critical analysis to the limit. I will look into the theoretical, communal, aesthetical, interactive, and economical aspects of said game and try to bring to light the more subconscious and nuanced elements to the surface.

So please, comment on this post with a list of games that you would like me to investigate upon and by the end of this month. I will choose one that I can play, analyze, and discuss with you. Thanks and have a great holiday season.


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