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I Love (Game) Genie

January 26, 2009

gamegenie_header1I recently came across a news story concerning a financial-economic coup in EVE Online. Eurogamer posted an article about player Xabier embezzling $80 billion of ISK—the game’s currency—and then ran off with his new found “wealth.” Immediately I noticed a poster in the comments reply, “Isn’t this kind of this not illegal, but somewhat encouraged in EVE Online?” May question to poster is, isn’t this sort of behavior encouraged throughout the games industry on the videogame medium in general? And by behavior I am not referring to gold farming or theft, but rather the act of cheating. Read the rest of this entry ?


Negative egress, capability

January 8, 2009

freemanvssnakeProminent scholar Henry Jenkins wrote a post about the concept of “negative capability” on his blog, Confessions of an Arca Fan. Taking the term from Jon Keats, Jenkin’s effortlessly provides the reference,

“Consider, for example, a horror film where the monster remains in the shadows and thus becomes more terrifying as we flesh it out in our minds. The less the filmmaker shows us, the more we are able to imagine something that terrifies us. The minute the monster comes into the light, we are stuck with whatever the filmmaker thought we would find fearsome.”

In the text he relates the concept in the use of fan fiction, where writers have taken advantage of this character attribute and have proceeded to continue the tales of their favorite cult universes or characters. Read the rest of this entry ?


With the press of a button

January 4, 2009

popI had originally planed to write a piece about Ubisoft’s franchise-rebirth entry in the Prince of Persia series early last month, but a number of circumstances were laid against me at the time. Michael Abbott has taken it upon himself to blog dutifully about the series and has set up a cross-blog symposium on the title. So I decidedly placed my hat into the ring and will provide a short entry on my impressions on a specific element in the new Prince of Persia regardless. But perhaps element is not the correct term. Rather, it is the description of an approach towards streamlining interactivity, narrative, and response that is rarely seen in modern videogames. Read the rest of this entry ?


Unforeseen Consequences – Mainsteam Modding

January 3, 2009

Source_headerThere is a great podcast at featuring level designers Anthony Stone and Jean Paul Jarreau, writer Ben Truman and voice-actor Mike Hillard from the upcoming Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa: Source. A particular comment that caught my attention was the mention of support from the parent company Valve through non-intervention, but more importantly, the continued support for the scalability of the Source Engine and its continuously evolving SDK. Which brings me to this post concerning my personal impressions on the Source Engine and Black Mesa: Source as a wonderful example of what I would call Mainstream Modding Read the rest of this entry ?


Structures of Marx and Capitalism – EVE Online

January 1, 2009

EVE_headerBefore I begin this entry, I would like to confess that I am not a proponent player on EVE Online. In fact, I have only had casual experiences with MMOs due to budget constraints and unwarranted fears towards the genre. But this has not kept me away from venturing into the various free MMOs and trials available on the Internet. But ever since EVE Online was brought to my attention years ago, I have had an unhealthy infatuation with its inter-galactic universe. Read the rest of this entry ?