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Commerce, Contracts, & Coders

April 10, 2009

sanfranWhile attending one of my business-entertainment seminars we were on the subject of contracts, more specifically actor contracts negotiation. Basically, the discussion culminated to how actors and their agents bargain for salary ceiling and so forth. It eventually culminated to one student—possibly future industry agent—asking a question that I will now paraphrase:

Student: If say a high salary actor [insert celebrity] can bargain for $25 million in his contract for a movie, why would he decide to risk a lower salary for a less successful film?

Professor: You have to understand, actors are also artists.

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Negative egress, capability

January 8, 2009

freemanvssnakeProminent scholar Henry Jenkins wrote a post about the concept of “negative capability” on his blog, Confessions of an Arca Fan. Taking the term from Jon Keats, Jenkin’s effortlessly provides the reference,

“Consider, for example, a horror film where the monster remains in the shadows and thus becomes more terrifying as we flesh it out in our minds. The less the filmmaker shows us, the more we are able to imagine something that terrifies us. The minute the monster comes into the light, we are stuck with whatever the filmmaker thought we would find fearsome.”

In the text he relates the concept in the use of fan fiction, where writers have taken advantage of this character attribute and have proceeded to continue the tales of their favorite cult universes or characters. Read the rest of this entry ?